On May 10, 2015, Mother's Day we packed 20 lunches and headed out into the city to deliver them.  We drove by our old stops.  Today, we carry on the mission of Simple Sacrifice to provide food for the hungry in Baltimore City.

In July 0f 1995 we had to say good-by to Simple Sacrifice for the Homeless.  Our Father had under-gone open heart surgery in June, and our Mother's health was failing.  Our Mom, Angela Gail Franquelli passed away on February 20, 2004.

Simple Sacrifice for the homeless was born

We had to say good-bye

It started in tne 90's

This Mother's Day we are celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the reorganization of the Franquelli Family's homeless organization from the 90's. The mission of Simple Sacrifice is to provide SIMPLE opportunities for people to help! Every Sunday we pack and make lunches for the Homeless and Hungry in Baltimore City. In honor of our second anniversary and my Mothers commitment and passion for helping, we are asking for a simple donation of 2 lunches ($6). Over the past 2 years we have we made and distributed 7,800 lunches and our goal for our 3rd year is 10,000 lunches. We are well on our way, and your donation of 2 lunches will help us get there.

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Every Sunday we delivered up to 1,500 lunches to a park on Baltimore St.  As we grew we were able to help increase our services to a small food bank, helping families in need with rent, and provide clothing. 

We're Back! 

In April of 1990 my parents gave me and my brother an assignment to find a way to provide service to the community on Sundays.‚Äč

What is simple Sacrifice